Hot Pool Trends: Flat-Bottom Pools

When you think about the different kinds of pools, usually the shape of the pool comes to mind. But, in addition to the shape, at Leisure Pools we also offer pools with a wide variety of depths. A flat-bottom pool is just like it sounds–it offers a consistent depth throughout the pool. This type of pool is very popular. These are the reasons why.

1. Perfect for Exercise

With a flat-bottom pool, not only can you swim laps, but you can also enjoy exercise like water jogging, water aerobics and working out with buoyant pool weights. The consistent depth allows for these sorts of exercises throughout the entire pool and not just the shallow end.

2. Ideal for Children

Children love to play in swimming pools and enjoy a variety of pool games like Marco Polo, Sharks & Minnows or even just enjoying pool floats or pool noodles. When you have small children that enjoying playing, a consistent pool depth with a flat-bottom pool can be helpful.

3. Great for Pool Sports

Have you ever tried playing pool volleyball or basketball in a pool with a deep end? It’s not easy. A flat-bottom pool allows everyone playing the pool sports to have the same advantage and you don’t have to worry about a changing depth.


If you think a flat-bottom pool is a great fit for you, you’re in luck. We have two brand new pool models with a flat-bottom design: The Cube and The Precision.

The Cube

This contemporary, modern pool features the Leisure Pools® patentpending High Water Line design and built-in roller cover box for use with an optional automatic pool cover. Its stylish frame is complimented with a flat bottom design that many families find enjoyable for games and relaxation while still providing a large area for swimming. The Cube™ is available in a variety of sizes.

The Precision

This is a brand new flat-bottom pool that we’re adding to our selection of pools–stay tuned, it’s coming this spring!


In addition to flat-bottom pools, view our full range of pool designs here. To make a splash into pool ownership, contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.