Happy Holidays and Planning for a Pool in the New Year

The holidays have been in full swing and Christmas is almost here. Perhaps you weren’t quite ready to give your family the gift of a pool this holiday season. Not to worry! In 2020, if you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful, backyard swimming pool, this is your year! So we put together a guide to help you start planning a swimming pool in the New Year.

1. Affording a Swimming Pool

Has the cost of a pool been a primary concern or hinderance to pool ownership? Some families prefer to stay more liquid. The good news is there are financing options. You can own a pool for as little as $19 per week. Learn more about financing a pool here.

2. Choosing the Design

At Leisure Pools, we offer over 30 different pool, spa and tanning ledge options to choose from–and of those designs we offer different sizes. The design you choose depends on how you plan to use your pool and which features are most important to you. For example, you may want to have a pool and spa combination or you want a splash deck that provides shallow water for lounging in the sun. If you enjoy swimming laps, you may want an unobstructed swim corridor. Also, some people prefer a rectangular pool with sleek lines while others like a freeform pool. And we have sizes to fit nearly any backyard. View our Swimming Pool Showroom to see our pools.

3. Choosing the Color

One of the great aspects of choosing Leisure Pools is you get choose from seven brilliant color options. View them here.

4. Installation

Our pools are composite fiberglass and are built in our factory and delivered to your home which provides ease of installation compared to a concrete/gunite pool. This means our pools can be installed quickly and your backyard won’t be torn up for months. It also means you’ll have the pool buying and installation process completed in a short amount of time and will be swimming sooner.

5. Decking 

It’s helpful to go ahead and start thinking about your pool deck. There are many great choices and it all depends on the look you desire for your pool space. For instance, you can have a concrete deck, pavers, natural stone or wood.

6. Customization

Although Leisure Pools has set designs and sizes, you can still customize your pool to make it uniquely your own. There are the seven different colors we offer–but you can also customize it with water features tiled in our colors or styles of your choosing. Or you can add a tanning ledge, fountains, pool lighting or a water slide or diving board (depending on your pool depth).

7. Landscaping

As you work through the pool buying process, you may also want to go ahead and plan your landscaping. Adding trees, bushes, flowering plants, rocks or even a waterfall can enhance your pool space.


We wish everyone Happy Holidays! If you’re ready to make a splash into pool ownership in 2020, contact Leisure Pools today (http://www.leisurepoolsusa.com) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.