Introducing the Pool of the Month for July 2023

Whether it's a quiet morning dip or a lively gathering of friends and family, this Leisure Pools backyard fiberglass swimming pool masterpiece adds a touch of elegance and tranquility to this Sea Girt, New Jersey ranch home, making it a cherished centerpiece for years to come.

Cool Yourself and Your Pool in the Summer

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard fiberglass pool, chances are you're spending most of your days soaking in it. However, when that water feels more like a lukewarm bath than a crisp, cool oasis, it's time to take some action. Leisure Pools is letting you in on a few secrets to achieve that perfect summer pool temperature.

A Splashing Good Time: Hosting a Backyard Fiberglass Pool Movie Night

Picture this: a movie night right by your backyard fiberglass pool where the whole family can enjoy time together. You get to float on the water, watch a fun family flick under the stars and share heaps of popcorn. It's a perfect blend of family bonding, laughter and good vibes that will surely make it a night to remember.

Introducing Leisure Pools’ Pool of the Month June 2023

Are you ready to dive into paradise? This award-winning fiberglass backyard pool by Leisure Pools and installed by Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools in Fort Mohave, Arizona, offers an awe-inspiring backyard oasis of which backyard dreams are made.

Dive Into Wellness: Health Benefits of a Cold-Water Plunge

Nothing beats the feeling of a refreshing swim on a blistering summer’s day. However, what if there was a new twist on that activity that can potentially enhance your health and wellness experience? With a backyard fiberglass plunge pool, you can literally immerse yourself into the fantastic world of cold water therapy.

Top Design Trends in 2023 for Fiberglass Pools and Spas 

Whether you are considering a pool upgrade or are planning to install a new one, Leisure Pools® presents some of the top design trends for fiberglass pools and spas that are making waves in 2023. These trends will inspire and transform your backyard into the stunning oasis of which you have always dreamed. 

The Ultimate Backyard Pool Party Planning Guide

With summer just around the corner, pool parties and fun gatherings with family and friends are at top of mind. Why not make the most of your fiberglass backyard swimming pool this season and fill your social calendar with a host of fun-filled parties around the pool? Enjoy Leisure Pools’ exclusive guide to planning the ultimate backyard pool party.

Fiberglass Pool and Spa Safety Checklist

Owning a fiberglass swimming pool is a great way to relax with family and friends. However, with a swimming pool comes certain responsibilities. Because It is important to ensure everyone who uses it is safe, Leisure Pools® offers a checklist of pool and spa safety measures to keep you and your loved ones safe.