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Cartridge Filter Overview


We all enjoy the taste and benefits of good clean fresh water. One of the most important aspects of healthy, clean swimming water is the removal of any dirt or debris.

The Leisure Pools range of filtration provides you with two options – Cartridge and Sand Filtration.

In this section you’ll find all the information you need on the Leisure Pools Cartridge Filter.

Cartridge Filters are quickly becoming the preferred method of filtration for swimming pools.

The pool water is circulated by the pump through the cartridge element which removes the dirt and debris down to particles as small as 5 micron, as a comparison a human hair is 70 micron in diameter.

This removes any contaminants or food that allows bacteria to form.

Cartridge Filter Benefits

Leisure Pools offers Cartridge Filters in two sizes, 200 and 325 SQ FT. The larger the filter, the longer the time between maintenance. In some instances, this can result in an entire swim season between cleanings.

The cleaning process is simple and does not use your pool water. This means that you can save several thousands of gallons of water each season.

With a precision-engineered core, you are provided with extra strength and superior flow. The Heavy Duty Filter Tank is injection molded of durable glass-reinforced copolymer for dependable, corrosion-free performance. All cartridge elements are engineered of high-quality reinforced polyester, with gasketed molded end caps, for maximum efficiency, easier cleaning and longer life.

Cartridge Filter Specifications