Want to be Swimming by Summer? Make It Happen with These Tips

Springtime is in full swim, which means hot, summer weather is right around the corner. If you’ve been sweltering in the summer heat and dreaming about a pool, it’s not too late make it happen so you and your family can be swimming in the cool waters of your own pool. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. It may seem like there are so many different options and considerations. We’re here to help you through the process. To get started, here are a list of questions to consider and some steps on how to take the first steps to having your own backyard paradise.

1.  Ask These Questions

  • Is my space suited for a pool?
    • Luckily, even if you think the answer to this question is “no,” Leisure Pools has many sizes and styles of fiberglass pools to offer that will work in virtually any space. Is your future pool area on the small side? Consider the Horizon or the Palladium Plunge, which are designed to fit in places where pools were not thought possible.
  • What is my budget?
    • As with any large purchase or project, it is always a good idea to have a budget in mind. There are many components to include in your budget preparations – pool installation, decking, landscaping. Having a roundabout number in mind is a great step to take before visiting a dealer to get the process started.
  • How will I use this pool?
    • Determining how you will use your new pool can help determine what size of pool you need, what special features you may want to add, and the overall feel for your space. Will you be using the pool mainly with your significant other, or will you frequently have family members and friends over for parties and get-togethers? Do you plan to play games in your pool, or is it simply for rest and relaxation? These are easy things to think about to ensure that you have exactly what you want in your backyard space.
  • What should I know about installation both from the dealer and on a local level?
    • Contacting a dealer to get the basic overview of fiberglass pool installation is another first step you may want to take before deciding on a pool. The installation process can take some unexpected turns at times, but knowing what all is in store will give you peace of mind before the process begins. Some local municipalities and governments may require special permits or zoning requirements for adding a pool to your space. Contact your city or zoning authority to check before you begin.

2.  Find Inspiration

  • Surf the web
    • Be sure to visit leisurepoolsusa.com to learn more about Leisure Pools fiberglass pools!
    • Other websites such as Pinterest and Houzz can provide many pictures that will give you inspiration for decor for your outdoor space.
  • Obtain literature
    • On the Leisure Pools website, you can request a booklet brochure and a Great Ideas Pack to learn more about our pools and get ideas for Leisure Pools in outdoor spaces.

3.  Gather Estimates

  • Find a Leisure Pools dealer in your area
    • The final step in preparing for next summer is to find a Leisure Pools dealer in your area. This is simple! Call 855-85-SPLASH, put in your zip code, and you will be directly transferred to the dealer closest to you. Once you meet with the dealer, you can begin to discuss the specifics and begin the pool buying and installation process.


Hopefully this helpful guide will get you on the right track and your Leisure Pools dealer will also help guide you throughout the process to ensure you have a wonderful pool buying and installation process. Be sure to visit leisurepoolsusa.com and get Swimming in Quality and Style!